Environ is a globally renowed skin care brand built on science, beauty and care. Using the power of science to create a product that makes a real differance to peoples lives by helping to keep skin lookinghealtyh and resilient. Pioneered by Dr Des Fernandes who is rated as one of the top ten plastic surgeons  in the world. Environ was first introduced in the 1980’s when Dr Des discovered the power of Vitamin A. Now with over 140 products Environ has proven to be one of the worlds most effective skin care brands.


Environ skin care products have been formulated to combat and relieve the harmful effects of todays harsh enviroment. Our skin is under attack from pollution, sun exposure plus stresses brought on by work and social commitmnets and poor diet. Every day our skin looses vitamins due to theses circumstances which in turn accelerates skin ageing. The only way to effectively replenish these lost skin vitamins is through topical application and supplements*.


Environ combines some of the most effective and active ingredients to deliver results. Ingredients include Vitamins A, C & E. Antioxidents, peptides, alpha & beta hydroxy acids.

To find out more about Environ skin care products and to get started on your most successful skin journey ever join our Environ Launch day on Monday 3rd April 2017.


* Advanced Nutrition Programme     http://www.nuessence.ie/skincare/advanced-nutrition-programme/


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